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Searching for larger quarters, the Claverack Free Library purchased the old firehouse next door and successfully transformed it into a modern facility.

   I had the honor of creating the garden for the new library and contributing to my town.

Immediately I was intrigued by the difficulties of the site. Located in the center of the hamlet it is open to the elements and being a firehouse for over 75 years brought its own planting challenges.

   My solution was to create large steel boxes, strategically placed, in which to plant the

garden. This more modernist approach worked well with the architecture, added year-round structure to the space, and the added height helped screen patrons from the busy road.

   An assortment of grasses, perennials and bulbs were chosen for site appropriateness

and ease of maintenance – but with an eye for texture, form and color throughout the

year. Several river birch (betula nigra) add height to the scene and frame the building.

PBGD Graphic1–Green 10.png

Claverack Library

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